As a Scandinavian PR & Communications agency working with some of the most well-known brands within the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industry, Presskontakterna knows better than anyone that image is everything. Sweatpants came on board to give their brand a facelift and to send them off with a shiny new website that they can easily update on their own.

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"Presskontakterna needed to update our website but realized that a complete overhaul when it came to both design, content, and structure was needed. We met with several agencies and gained immediate confidence in Sweatpants. The whole project was a thoroughly joyful and inspiring process. Everything progressed incredibly smoothly and the result was beyond our expectations. Throughout the whole process we received amazing service, support and communication. Far beyond the initial scope of the project framework. Now we have a modern and inspiring website that still breathes our brand and DNA. Many thanks!"

Karolina Skande
CEO, Presskontakterna



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